Welcome to pages of group Partyfit, that focuses on running advanced modern exercises for all age categories, for both beginners and advanced. We select the best instructors for you, who are not only professionals, but are your helpers, friends, and are well able to motivate you. We will have many pleasant experiences together in our spacious centers, pleasant atmosphere and you will find that we mean our motto „We lose weight together“ seriously … Lessons are conducted intuitively, therefore even clients not speaking Czech can participate. However, you can visit lessons led in English.

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Praha 8 Karlín (down town) Molákova 578 (metro „B“ Invalidovna) invalidovna@partyfit.cz , Tel. +420 606 85 95 85

Praha 8 Kobylisy (North Prague) Střelničná 1348, (metro „C“ Ládví“) ladvi@partyfit.cz , Tel. +420 725 940 940

Praha 4 Pankrác, Bartákova 3, (metro Pankrác) pankrac@partyfit.cz Tel.: +420 602 229 533

Praha 6 Evropská,  Kladenská 68 (Fitness Millenium) evropska@partyfit.cz Tel.: +420 602 282 550

Both of our locations are accessible by metro and tram and provide good parking near the facility.

We offer some nowadays most popular group excercises.

H.E.A.T. Program – Walking on mechanical belts, accompanied by motivational music, natural and spontaneous form of weight loss, we strengthen the heart, improve breathing and all that without burden on spine and joints. It is designed for all age categories. Together we will burn 500-800 calories, walk 3-5 km, improve our fitness and will leave with a good mood. H.E.A.T. Program became a phenomenon because it is designed both for those who have never had any physical activity as well as for those sport-minded.

TRX ® is a functional instructor-led training in group, to strengthen the entire body. Exercise is safe and effective for clients of all levels of fitness and for both men and women. You will strengthen all  abdominal muscles , ABS, pelvis, chest, hands and legs.  Why is TRX ® on the rise? Weight loss,  muscle strenghtening, quick results, adrenaline, motivational music, interesting instructor, and good bunch of people … TRX is just fun! Enough writing, come on TRX and see for yourself:)

Hot Yoga is 60 / 90-minute program of Hatha yoga (physical yoga) poses at temperature of 42 ° C and increased humidity, which due to these high temperatures has entirely specific and strong effects on the human organism. With Hot Yoga you will reduce stress, fatigue and calories (400 – 1200 calories per lesson), you will improve your overall balance, shape your body and stimulates all the muscles. Everyone can do Hot Yoga lesson.

Belly – effective exercise which involves the strengthening and appropriate shaping of problematic areas (abdominal, pelvic and gluteal muscles) with the help of own body’s weight, possibly using balancing devices. Lesson focuses on intense burning of hypodermic fat and gaining physical condition. It is designed for beginners and advanced as well.

FLOWIN ® – new training program fully replacing exercises with dumbbells. It uses your body weight as an essential component. It strengthens muscles throughout the body, incl. deep muscles and helps to strengthen the pelvic floor. It is suitable as a complement to other types of aerobic exercises. The concept was developed in an environment of top decathlete from Sweden. It is designed for both beginners and advanced.

ZUMBA ® is a fitness program that needs no introduction. Based on the rhythm of Latin-American music, combines elements of aerobics and dance. Zumba lessons combine fast and slow rhythms, which leads to efficient fat burning and body shaping. Zumba is in the first place fun.

Zumbatomic ® – Exercise for Children

is Zumba specially adapted for children – girls and boys aged 4 to 12 years. It contains elements of styles such as hip-hop, reggaeton and pop. It leads children to basic concepts such as coordination, discipline, selfconfidence and teamwork. In addition, the children have much fun with Zumbatomic

More excercisesfrom our menu:

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